5 tips on how to work creative from home

Tip #1: Declutter your space and mind:

We gain a lot of our energy and inspiration from what is around us, so it is only natural that we set up our workspace to do just that. Working from home it can be difficult to make a space your own. For me I need pictures and cute stationary to feel inspired, for others they need plants and a standing desk. Whatever it is make sure it inspires and that it is clean! Just like our desks need to be clean our minds need to be decluttered as well before we start our day. I don’t know about you, but when I wake up it is so tempting to go straight to social media, and I waste 30 min in bed. One of my resolutions is to wake up and get straight out of bed. After that make, my coffee and relax for about 10 min and prepare my mind for my day. Then I set my day with intention. Social media is a part of my work so definitely not avoidable, but I can no longer let It suck away my morning and creative thought process.

Tip #2: Set personal reminders:

I have just started doing this so bear with me! I will set reminders throughout the day to get up and walk, snack, meditate, drink water, etc. Sometimes when we get into our busy days we literally do not stop and look up and its 5pm and we have not had water, gone to bathroom, or moved. It is important to be productive, but if we do not set these reminders for yourself we will burn out just as easy working from home!

Tip #3: Have a space away from work:

I know everyone is different, but I hate working in my relaxation spaces. Sometimes I have to because me and my boyfriend both work from home and we have one office and it can get a little cramped, but for the most part I make sure I am working at my desk and not from my bed and the couch. This helps me create a balance, so I am not working until midnight and creating an overworking toxic behavior. It also stops me from binging Netflix while working.

Tip #4: Get dressed!

I love this! My boyfriend looks at me like I am ridiculous every day, but a good statement earring and cute comfy sweater really motivates me to get the damn thing done! Again, this helps me create boundaries between work and relaxation. Also getting to pick out my outfit every day is a great way to get my creative brain working! Everyone is different so this is not necessary, but I know I get my best work done when I feel good and I feel good when I like my outfit!

Tip#5: Find an accountability partner:

So, this has been huge for me. My boyfriend is amazing, and we share everything. However, one of the things I miss the most about not working from home is community. That is why I have at least one person I can talk to other than my boyfriend to bounce ideas off of, let them know where I am struggling, where I am finding success. This has been a game changer to not feel so isolated or couped up! Also, I am a full believer in not doing anything alone. The best things happen when you have a community of support behind you.

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